Roofing Services


Roof Repair, Restoration, or Preventative
Maintenance requires an experienced team

If you own a building whose roof is in need of repair, restoration or preventative maintenance, you are not alone. Missing and deteriorating topping materials, exposed membranes, serious water intrusion, and loss of insulating value are some of the problems facing building owners today. Roof Repair, Restoration, or Preventative Maintenance requires an experienced team composed of factory trained technicians, a superior product, and a specifier who has the proven ability to accomplish such remedial projects. Biscayne is proven in its ability to construct such a team and implement a plan to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Coastal TowersDependability and professionalism have been taken to new levels here at Biscayne. We maintain a dedicated service department that is professionally staffed, equipped with the best materials and state of the art equipment, and on call 24/7/365. Each unit is equipped with NEXTEL Cellular and Direct Connect Service. This ensures prompt responses and instantaneous, around the clock communication to make sure the job is done right and on time. With one phone call you'll get the quality, service and professionalism that has made Biscayne Number One in Customer Service


1101 BrickellRoof restoration systems can extend the service life of most roofing systems by 10 Years or more. Restoration systems are available for most types of built up, modified bitumen, and metal roofing systems. Numerous manufacturers make liquid applied systems, normally top coated with a reflective coating or finished with 3M granules. A qualified technician from Biscayne is available to inspect your current system and recommend the appropriate system for your application. Roof restoration does not cost, it pays.


Systems Installed: Liquid applied membrane roof restoration systems, metal roof restorations, LEED certified roof restoration, cool roof coatings, direct bond restoration systems, elastomeric and acrylic coatings. Energy Compliant
Manufacturer Affiliates: NEOGARD, APOC, GAF, KEMPER
Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 10 Years


Bayview CondominiumFlorida's harsh climate, over time, will inevitably cause roof deterioration, decay, and eventually system failure. Implementing a comprehensive roofing preventative maintenance program to diagnosis impending roof problems and leaks is critical to extend your roof life, protect roof warranties, and reduce the cost of emergency repairs. Our comprehensive Roof Maintenance Program "ROOF M.A.P" (Roof Maintenance and Roof Maintenance and PreventionPrevention) is designed to assist our customers in the maintenance of their roof systems. Our program is designed to take the responsibility, worry, and hassle away from the property owner. Don't wait, make the call today and be part of our team.