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Protecting your investment from the elements

Our experienced, professional crews along with state of the art equipment and a modern fleet of service vehicles assure our customers of a high quality, professional experience. Our crews have literally hundreds of years of combined experience right here at Biscayne. This consistency is one of the reasons you can count on us to complete your project to the highest standards.

the Bently HotelAbove-grade waterproofing, with caulking and sealants, is a structures first line of defense against the elements. Caulking and sealant products are specifically designed to compliment other waterproofing systems that protect the buildings envelope. Caulking and sealants are available as both liquid applied and pre-formed systems depending on design and aesthetic considerations. Expansion and control joints are incorporated into a structure to accommodate expansion and contraction forces. Because expansion joints are essential to a structure, replacing or restoring damaged, deteriorated, or improperly sealed joints is necessary to prevent failure as well as the intrusion of unwanted elements into your building envelope.

Systems Installed: All types backer rod and caulking systems, pre-formed sealant systems, interior and exterior expansion joints, vehicular parking deck expansion control, chemical injection systems, joint repair/restoration, wall panel joints.
Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 10 Years

Royal Palm Crown Plaza HotelAs with any type of construction, concrete structures over the years can and will show signs of wear and tear. Cracks, spalling, uneven surfaces, exposed rebar and crumbling areas are just a few of the visible signs of deterioration. Here in Florida we must battle the additional decay caused by the climate and the sea air. Whether caused by water damage, stress and strain, or the movement of the earth, the repair and maintenance of your concrete is critical in protecting your property and investment. Biscayne offers 45 years of experience in identifying and correcting concrete deficiencies. From simple cleaning and re-coating of your concrete surfaces to complete removal, structural repairs, and replacement of your damaged areas, including finishes. Biscayne offers you the highest quality products, innovations and techniques required to meet your repair or restoration needs.

Systems Installed: Concrete repair/restorations, plaza and pool deck repair/restoration, balcony
repair/restoration, liquid applied sealers, high performance coatings, clear sealers..
Warranties: Warrantees tailored to specific project requirements