Fluid Applied Waterproofing Systems

Roller applied waterproofing

Above or below, vertical or horizontal, whatever the need may be, Biscayne can provide a waterproofing system for any project, situation or application.


Las Olas RiverhouseFluid applied waterproofing comes in many different types of materials and applications. Fluid applied products can vary widely in material composition and can be installed as both hot and cold products. Installation methods also vary greatly and may encompass spray applied, roller applied, trowel application, or even hot mopping. These systems are extremely versatile and create a monolithic membrane that lacks seams of any kind. Biscayne's staff is trained to properly identify the exact type of waterproofing product and application for your specific needs.

Systems Installed: Insulated and non-insulated systems, hot rubber and cold fluid applied systems, protection boards, root barriers, drainage mats, overburdens, related terminations and accessories.
Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 20 Years Some including overburden removal and replacement