Below Grade Waterproofing Systems

Below grade waterproofing


foundation waterproofing



We are approved and accredited by all major waterproofing,
coating and sealant manufacturers. All of our systems are backed by the best warranties in the business.


Success with any below grade project starts with the use of exceptional waterproofing products and skilled craftsmen. Below grade waterproofing systems include both negative and positive side waterproofing systems. Positive side waterproofing systems are applied to the face of the element that is directly exposed to moisture, or the exterior face. Negative side waterproofing systems are applied to the surface of the element opposite the surfaced exposed to moisture. Positive systems are available with numerous materials types and installation techniques. Negative systems are limited to cementitious type waterproofing systems.

Systems Installed: Bentonite clays, liquid applied, sheet membrane, cementitious systems, waterstop, protection boards, chemical poly-urethane and epoxy injections, metal oxide, vapor
barriers, dampproofing
Warranties: Manufacturer material and labor warranties up to 10 Years, some including
overburden removal and replacement

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