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Biscayne has created a service for our valued customers that we call "Rapid Roof Response". This
service is available to all customers and can assure that you receive service in a disaster situation, even if you cannot call or contact our company. This dedicated service and the immediate response it provides has saved our customers millions of dollars in property damage and loss during these dangerous events.



Our comprehensive Roof Maintenance Program
"ROOF M.A.P" (Roof Maintenance and Prevention) is designed to assist our customers in the maintenance of their roof systems. Our program is designed to
take the responsibility, worry, and hassle away from the property owner. Don't wait,
make the call today and be part of our team.


Every Biscayne professional is committed to complete customer satisfaction in our pursuit of ... EXCELLENCE IN ROOFING AND WATERPROOFING

Our efforts to inspire confidence among our customers has helped Biscayne build a solid reputation of quality and professionalism. Biscayne offers a complete line of roofing, and waterproofing related products, systems and services. Our systems integrate only the highest quality materials available with experienced, skilled craftsman to create watertight, problem free systems backed by the best warranties in the business. These high quality systems combined with our professional and experienced staff allow all our customers to receive a high quality, stress free experience.

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Quality is what Biscayne is all about. We have systematically trained our staff to identify and implement the proper use of materials and installation techniques to ensure that all our projects receive a first class, high quality job. We have designed and applied a comprehensive quality control program intended to assure that you, the customer, are receiving unmatched quality in all aspects of the construction process.

However the quality experience does not end there. We are also committed to the quality of the customers experience from start to finish. From our managers to the laborers, all of our staff members are required to provide quality control. This multiple level method of accountability guarantees that our customers receive the highest quality materials, workmanship and professionalism.



Workmen on Aquilina TowerBiscayne understands the importance of creating an environment where safety comes first. We maintain a comprehensive, written corporate safety and health program. The programs objective is to establish a safe, drug free and healthy work environment for both our employees and our customers. Continuous training continues to be the reason that Biscayne is able to achieve its safety goals. We have retained the services of All Safe Training & Consulting, Inc. under the direction of Benjamin Roger Kidder PhD, CHMM, President,to provide consulting for our safety program as well as OSHA training services for all of our staff. Dr. Kidder works with our dedicated in house Safety Director to insure that everyone and every job is in compliance with our safety standards. This proactive approach along with our top down commitment to employee safety is why our Experience Modifier is one of the lowest in the industry. At Biscayne safety is no accident.


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